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Fees - IV Therapy

IV Therapy Initial Visit (75 mins): 85 + Cost of IV
IV Multivitamin Multimineral Infusion Visit (45 mins): 150
IV Mini Myer's Push Visit (30 mins): 110
Glutathione + Vit C IV Push Follow-Up Visit (30 mins): 110
IV Therapy Supply Fee: 25 (Added to all IV Therapy.  This is an out-of-pocket expense and not eligible for insurance claim)


Glutathione Push after Myer's: 65

Weight Loss Formula (MIC and Lipotropic Factors): 40

Immune Formula (Zinc and Immune Botanicals): 40

Extra B12: 20

Extra D3 IM Shot: 20

Extra Adrenal IM Shot: 25

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